Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday's Wine of the Week!

This little number isn't new to me, but it's a goodie. I chose it this week because....well it was on sale for $9.99 of course!! It is normally about $12-$13 depending on where you go.

What is it: Evodia - 2009 Spanish Old Vine Garnacha

The first time I tried this wine was at a wine tasting and they asked me what I smelled. I said, "to be honest, burnt tires." I figured this was going to get a chuckle, but the guy actually said that is one of the most common answers! Well, I had to try it, so I was surprised when the taste was full - smooth and spicy! I loved it and bought a bottle.

This time, when the bottle was decanted, and ready for some tasting, I poured some in my glass. Then I took a large inhale to smell and it smelled completely different- but better!!! I smelled spice and blackberry. I took a sip and also tasted spice with a blackberry finish.

Was this because my nose knew what my mouth tasted last time? Who knows....but it's a common one around this house, and now you try it!

Happy Wine Wednesday everyone! Work week is halfway through:)

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  1. I love wine! I love trying new types all the time; I'll have to look into this. My always go to favorite is chateau ste. michelle riesling - Num!