Saturday, July 23, 2011

Close your eyes - and see what happens!

Thursday night I did yoga at Peachtree Yoga Center and the focus of the class was to keep your eyes closed. Let me tell you - this made me realize that I take the simplest poses in the world for granted. It's funny how little you trust yourself when you cannot see yourself - but only feel yourself.

I wiggled, fell, peeked a little :), but mostly wondered. I usually gaze into my own eyes for support in the most difficult poses or while doing a balancing sequence, so why when trusting myself within - did i lose focus? Maybe I was thinking too much? Maybe my energy was a little "off" that day?

Either way, I learned something about myself. I learned to feel what is happening in my body and become more aware of my "self", instead of looking and trusting only the exterior.

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