Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Even my dogs can smell the bliss~

Sunday was our second Svaroopa yoga class and for some reason this one was better than the first. Maybe it was because things seemed more familiar and we dug into class right away, or maybe it was because my spine was thirsty for more but this time was more relaxing and beneficial to me personally.

The thing that struck out most this time was a yoga pose I do many times, but when tying in props, blankets and effortlessness….my spine smiled. The key word here is effortlessness....guiding your body and not forcing your body to do something truly allows it to open up naturally. Now, you must realize that me of all people love a challenge and especially a good aerobic workout, so when the teacher keeps emphasizing the fact we must only guide our legs into alignment and not pull them back, it was a hard adjustment for me and especially my husband. Let me just say, "it's worth it." After class, the teacher put us on task and told us to practice at home, or we will not reap the full benefits of this practice. Therefore, after my two mile run this evening, I got home and Bill was already in his full shavasana. Therefore I grabbed some blankets, my mat and a pillow and off I went!

Right now -- I feel..AMAZING. Let me honestly tell you currently my energy is one I wish for all of you to feel....but.. I am holding onto this goodness as long as possible!!! It was one of the most relaxing 20 minutes in our household on a Wednesday evening in a long time. The strange part is that normally our dogs are dying to get into the room we are in, but they must have sensed our energy, because they sat laying in their beds in the other two peaceful little doves. When I opened the door, they went sniffing exactly where I was practicing...good energy? - I think so!

Now I will continue to feel this light-weight and freeing feeling as I venture into the evening.

Good night my friends, sweet dreams and I will see you tomorrow.

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