Wednesday, June 29, 2011

back to life -- back to reality!

After just getting back from vacation from Wisconsin, reality set in all too quickly….plus, I realized that I haven’t been on the mat in a week. It’s funny how different I feel when I haven’t had that quiet time on the mat to do my praying, meditating, breathing, stretching and moving!! Tonight I will be doing two things that make me extremely excited! First of all, I will be trying a new studio in my world called Omi – which for those of you who don’t know me, I love trying new things! Secondly, I will be taking my husband with me who has been out of the yogi practice for many years. Introducing the practice to someone and having them appreciate at least one element of yoga,  brings me such joy. People’s lives are hectic enough and many of us do not take the time for wellness, balance and breathing. This is exactly why I have such a good relationship with my practice and mat. It may not be perfect, and some days I’m much more flexible or strong than others, but it’s my practice…..and I’m sticking to itJ Namaste ~

This picture was shared with me from someone very special. It helps me know the support around me and helps me support others. It also helps me look at things in life and know that sometimes we can manifest our own destiny.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taste the goodness of bliss~

When I decided to try Kundalini for the first time, not only was I eager to uncover the mystery, but another yogi was willing to take each of our experiences and compare them - while neither of us having a clue what the other experienced. Tune into tomorrow to see the two minds at work!!!

Here were my thoughts:

When I saw Kundalini yoga on the Peachtree Yoga Center schedule there was a deep mystery I wanted to unfold. The description said, “combines active yoga postures, energy, chakra work, visualization, chanting, and breath work.” I thought, “I HAVE to try this class!” Having no idea what to expect, I eagerly opened my heart and energy to the experience and I was ready for the ride. 

We began the class with mediation and a peaceful chant, which was new to me, but Siri guided us through it with ease and her positive aura. Then, we moved into several yoga poses paired with breath of fire. This swift and firm breathing heat up my body quickly, while Suri guided us with her words through poses working on each chakra. I opened up to immerse the feelings of the energy sources in my body, and realized I had a special experience with each pose. The feelings started with warmth in the heart, and then moved into a feeling of slight lightheadedness, next I experienced an emotional release and then finally I eased into a grounded and balanced state of mind. The rest of the class entailed stretching, breathing, meditation and I must say it was the best savasana I’ve had in a long time. The class took me away and left me in a place of relaxation, tranquility and well-being.  
On a daily basis, I prefer a class with more flow and movement, but I would like Kundalini to be in my practice about once a month to realign my balance and energy. It was an awesome way to feel what happens in your body when your equilibrium is on track.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A New Experience

After contacting  Atlanta Yoga Scene about an interest in getting more involved in the yogi world in Atlanta, she offered me an opportunity to write about a new experience of my choice. I choose to try a Nia class for the first time at The Open Mind Center in Roswell, GA. Click on the link below to read more about it!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Breathe

         Some days are just a little off and everything seems to come flooding down at once. The thoughts in my mind are in a constant motion and new thoughts are born almost every second. Today I felt that I was swimming in that flood, gasping for air, but then I see this:
“Let silence take you to the core of life.” – Rumi
      This struck something in me. Why is it that a certain couple of words and a visual can completely change your track of motion? It made me stop and take a step back and realize that life is not perfect, nor will everything be easy and the way YOU want it. In today’s society, the goal is to get everything and everyone to move faster and faster, but we forget that sometimes you have to just…..breathe.

Monday, June 13, 2011


For anyone who knows me, they know that Mondays are like a four letter word in my vocabulary – I am not a fan. That is why I am choosing to write something positive each and every Monday. Today, I wanted to take a step back and say how thankful I am to have a great husband, a wonderful family and amazingly supportive friends. These three ingredients completely make my life whole and who I am today. With that being said…Happy Monday folks, and remember, if we didn’t have a Monday, there wouldn’t be a Friday either!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Writing matters...

Writing has always been something that allows me to free my mind and get a fraction of a million thoughts swimming around in my head released.  There are many ideas, quotes, recipes, workouts, events, experiments and thoughts swirling through my mind, just ready for action, so I will take you on my many journeys and have a little fun! The world of blogging is new to me, but I feel a sense of freedom in my mind by getting back into the practice of writing and tapping into my creative self.

Yoga is something that has allowed me to become more balenced again and start doing the things that bring me peace instead of anxiety. Trust me, life isn’t perfect by any means, but I am starting to learn how to create balance through yoga, art, learning of chakras, meditation, prayer and creating a positive environment.

With that being said......welcome to a little piece of my thoughts and I hope you enjoy the ride!