Wednesday, June 29, 2011

back to life -- back to reality!

After just getting back from vacation from Wisconsin, reality set in all too quickly….plus, I realized that I haven’t been on the mat in a week. It’s funny how different I feel when I haven’t had that quiet time on the mat to do my praying, meditating, breathing, stretching and moving!! Tonight I will be doing two things that make me extremely excited! First of all, I will be trying a new studio in my world called Omi – which for those of you who don’t know me, I love trying new things! Secondly, I will be taking my husband with me who has been out of the yogi practice for many years. Introducing the practice to someone and having them appreciate at least one element of yoga,  brings me such joy. People’s lives are hectic enough and many of us do not take the time for wellness, balance and breathing. This is exactly why I have such a good relationship with my practice and mat. It may not be perfect, and some days I’m much more flexible or strong than others, but it’s my practice…..and I’m sticking to itJ Namaste ~

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