Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taste the goodness of bliss~

When I decided to try Kundalini for the first time, not only was I eager to uncover the mystery, but another yogi was willing to take each of our experiences and compare them - while neither of us having a clue what the other experienced. Tune into tomorrow to see the two minds at work!!!

Here were my thoughts:

When I saw Kundalini yoga on the Peachtree Yoga Center schedule there was a deep mystery I wanted to unfold. The description said, “combines active yoga postures, energy, chakra work, visualization, chanting, and breath work.” I thought, “I HAVE to try this class!” Having no idea what to expect, I eagerly opened my heart and energy to the experience and I was ready for the ride. 

We began the class with mediation and a peaceful chant, which was new to me, but Siri guided us through it with ease and her positive aura. Then, we moved into several yoga poses paired with breath of fire. This swift and firm breathing heat up my body quickly, while Suri guided us with her words through poses working on each chakra. I opened up to immerse the feelings of the energy sources in my body, and realized I had a special experience with each pose. The feelings started with warmth in the heart, and then moved into a feeling of slight lightheadedness, next I experienced an emotional release and then finally I eased into a grounded and balanced state of mind. The rest of the class entailed stretching, breathing, meditation and I must say it was the best savasana I’ve had in a long time. The class took me away and left me in a place of relaxation, tranquility and well-being.  
On a daily basis, I prefer a class with more flow and movement, but I would like Kundalini to be in my practice about once a month to realign my balance and energy. It was an awesome way to feel what happens in your body when your equilibrium is on track.


  1. Oh thanks!!! It was a true experience that's for sure! I heard yesterday from a guy who was raised in India, that you have to be very careful and shouldn't do this type of yoga everyday because it could possibly have a reverse effect. So, I will probably do it again, but stick to hatha, power or hot on a routine basis:)

  2. I really want to get into yoga and into more "spirtual" things to help balance my life!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. Chelsea - you should really try yoga if you haven't already! You would be surprised on how much it helps you with mind, body and spiritual balence. I would start with a good hatha, vinyasa or basics class to get a foundation. Although many gyms offer a great resource - I would recommend going to a yoga studio for your first couple classes. They usually will offer great deals or even free sessions for new students to that studio and will be a great way to get aligned!!! Good luck and namaste:)