Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Balance -- beautiful word isn't it....once you get just a little bit --- it works.

When we can find balance in something - we find that is when we are the happiest and feel the best. The balancing act might include more than just a simple tree pose, but also between work, family, yourself, food, exercise, entertainment, etc.

In yoga balancing poses for me are the most enjoyable. I feel it correlates to my current state of mind. As we all know, our practice on the mat can vary from day to day, but if I am feeling centered, calm and focused, by balancing act in yoga is supreme.

Food and exercise used to be extremely difficult for me to have a healthy balance level. Through yoga, prayer, meditation and chakra education, I can easily dive into a good place.

Chakras...those fascinating energy sources in our body.... must be balanced out to reach optimum results in our personal well-being. Although it will always be a continued battle...practicing yoga helps me tie in my prayers and meditation, along with getting great exercise results and reaching a healthy level in my life. That is why I love yoga so much...the complete balance between body and mind. Every pose and every practice you are always incorporating the concept of  balancing your body, breath and mind.

There is a much more sense of clarity in my head, and I attribute this to God who has provided me with such a natural resource that is so very enjoyable and basically saved my life.


  1. Truly Inspiring - It is really hard to find balance. I've found the older I get the easier it is to be naturally healthy.

  2. I agree - as I get older, things become a little more balenced out and I want to be healthier. Of's a daily battle with balence, but a lot of people say that the older they get, the more comfortable with themselves they become...i guess that's one thing to look forward to!!!! :)