Sunday, August 7, 2011

Uneasiness -- turn easy

Lately, for some reason my mind has not been open to writing and it really has shown in my blog and even in my personal relationships. My mind was at a constant battle within itself for some reason and there was a strong sense of uneasiness and insecurity within myself.

This weekend, my husband traveled out of town and although I miss him dearly, I believe it was the best thing for my mind to weed itself out. My weekend involved a lot of yoga, prayer and meditation, along with much "me" time. Today in church, things became more clear and my mind finally felt at peace. I followed up with a great yoga class and found I was back to my social self by mingling before class with some girls. We talked to each other about how yoga gives us more than just a good workout and flexibility. Yoga brings a sense of your whole self and guides your awareness throughout your spirit, body, mind and energy. One lady was saying how her body was changing shape dramatically the more she does yoga, and I completely agreed. It gives your spine and energy the fluidity to move as it should, which in turn aligns your body as it was meant to shape. At this point in time, there is a sense of balance and peace and I am excited to hold in that energy as long as possible. When class was over, they were handing out bumper stickers which is shown below, and I thought it was a great way to conclude my weekend!

Even though my husband was gone, that didn't mean I wasn't spending much time with my other boys!!!

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